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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to install and use JING

Greetings! It's been a very long vacation. I have created a few tutorials before we have our office vacation. Unfortunately wasn’t able to post any of my assignment because we’ve been busy with our New Year preparations. (Cleaning the house- GENERAL CLEANING… I mean and preparing food).

So here it is… my first tutorial on how to install and use JING. But firstly, why did I choose JING as my first tutorial? Simple… I was amazed by what it can do to my everyday needs. My line of work is more focused on design and delegation of work. My best friend is “Print Screen” button in the keyboard. When I discovered Jing, I was happy because it is can create images and videos of what I see on my computer and instantly share it to my colleagues.

So here it is...

How to use Jing by MCS

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Hi! Here’s my blog about being a VA. I need to understand further what I should be expecting if I decided to be a VA in the near future. Especially my husband and I are planning to have a baby soon. We want to focus also in taking care of our baby. So working at home would be a great idea, my husband can focus on our home business and mine as a VA.

I am a visual kind of person, I love reading a lot but I also want to summarize everything. So I put my blog in an easy- to-read format. Hope this would help

What is a Virtual Assistant:

·         Trained and skilled individual who work at home
·         Report and work in collaboration with small and big business owners

Advantages of being a Virtual Assistant:·         Work at the convenience of their home
  1. Flexible time
  2. Can choose the company and country of which would like to work with
  3. No commute fees
  4. Can work in their pajamas, therefore, low overhead expenses
  5.  It can be part time or full time
  6.  Can earn a minimum of P10,000 to P30,000 per client
  7. You can be with your loved ones all the time
  8. You can do your work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection

Disadvantages of being a Virtual Assistant:
  •   Chance of not being paid by the ff:
1.    Unreachable client
2.    Runaway client
3.    Forgetful client
  •   There will be times that you will not face the mirror anymore
  •   Tendency of not taking a bath
  •  Waking too early to meet deadlines